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The process uses an aliphatic acrylic urethane to give a smooth, long lasting, durable finish. The finishes are lead and isocyanate free for your safety and the environment. Our cleaning solutions are acid free and safe for plumbing. The process is done in place and there is no plumbing required.

  1. First the calking around the tub is removed or cleaned. The adjacent surfaces will be taped or covered.

  2. Next, a mild non acid etching solution is used to clean the tub to eliminate grease, silicone and other substances. Chips and deep scratches are then repaired and the tub is sanded and cleaned again.

  3. The tub is then given a treatment of a propriety bonding agent to ensure adhesion of the primer.

  4. The tub is then primed with a special base coat. The tub receives two coats of primer.

  5. The tub is then spray coated with the aliphatic acrylic urethane using special HVLP spray equipment. Two to three finish coats of acrylic urethane are applied.

  6. The tub will touch dry quickly, and will be ready for use in 24 hrs.

  7. The tub is then re-calked where necessary and the process is complete.

  8. The process will take five to seven hours to complete.


Due to variations in tub conditions and the severity of pitting and grooving in the tub, there may be some slight imperfections in your tubs finish. We will work very hard to eliminate these conditions, however sometimes some of these slight conditions may persist.

  • CARE AND CLEANING: It is recommended that only a non abrasive cleaner is used, and never should a scouring pad be used.

  • USAGE: Before the first use it is recommended that the tub is cleaned with a cloth and warm soapy water. This will remove any overspray that may feel like a fine grit. This is normal and will wash away. A slight odor of the finish acrylic may be noticeable with the first or second use of the tub. This odor will dissipate after a couple of uses.

  • After we complete our process your bathtub will have an extremely hard very high gloss finish that will look like a new bathtub and will last many years.

  • WARRANTY: We proudly use reglazing coatings from our supplier in Orlando Florida. They are Americas leading edge manufacturer of coatings for tubs, tiles and countertops. The manufacturer states that with proper care the finish should last up to fifteen years.

  • We also can refinish shower surrounds, tile work, sinks, vanity tops, and counter tops. The process can be used on steel, cast iron, fiberglass and porcelain as well as Formica with equally impressive results.

  • COLORS: We can tint our finish coats to match Sherwin Williams color charts for a small additional fee.

  • COST: The reglazing service is usually between $575.00 and $750.00 depending on the tubs condition and geographic location.

Bathtub reglazing VS Bathtub liners:

  • Bathtub liners are pieces of PVC plastic or acrylic that are molded to the shape of a tub, placed over your existing tub and glued down to cover it up. Although most are fairly durable, they may not be your best option.

  • Bathtub liners usually cost between $1500.00 to up over $4000.00 The lead time for a tub liner can be weeks or even months. A salesman must first come to your home to have you sign a contract; usually an up front fee is required.

  • An installer then comes to make measurements of your tub.

  • After the liner is ready another appointment is required to have the liner installed, usually weeks after you signed the contract.

  • Bathtub liners can fail; the most common problem with liners is water leaking in between the liner and the tub creating a squishy feeling. Water buildup can create an environment for stagnant water, mold and obnoxious odors.

  • Bathtub liners can also require additional plumbing to compensate for a thicker tub wall.

  • Bathtub reglazing offers one day service. That’s it and the process is applied directly to your tub’s surface so there is no possibility for unseen problems occurring.


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